Galactic Megazord and Galactic beasts

Scorpius had found and captured five gigantic and powerful beasts, which were
being held captive on some far off planet. Maya sensed that these Galactabeasts
needed help, and along with the rest of the team, travelled to the planet and
set them free. To return the favor, the Beasts help the Rangers destroy a
monster, which began a partnership between man and beast in the struggle against
evil. Using their Transdaggers, the Rangers were able infuse the Beasts with
power, transforming them into Galactazords, which could combine and form the
Galaxy Megazord. The Galaxy Megazord finishes off monsters with the Condor
crossbow. It also gained golden armor with the Lights of Orion power up, with
which it is able to destroy monsters with a super charged sword stroke. The
Galactabeasts currently reside peacefully on Mirinoi, along with the Rangers.
They were pulled away briefly for one battle, which took place on Earth against
Trakeena. They would help the galactic rangers in their battle against zertan and his army


From the depths of space, Torozord landed on Terra Venture, summoned by Magna
Defender to assist him in his battle against Scorpius. Noble by nature, Torozord
loyally serves Magna Defender, although he doesn't always agree with his
methods, and has been known to disobey him. In bull mode, Magna Defender can
ride on top of Torozord. In robot mode, Magna Defender enters Torozord like a
battlesuit and controls him from within. Torozord wields a double edged lance,
which energizes for monster destroying slashes. Torozord was destroyed when he
and Mike held a rift in space open long enough for Terra Venture to pass through
and escape the lost galaxy. The Torozord would be brought back by teran along with the magna defender powers to aid Mike in the battles against zertan and his army.

Stratoforce Megazord

From the spirit of the Phoenix Galactabeast comes the Stratoforce Zords, five
aircraft which can combine into the Stratoforce Megazord. They are held within
the chambers of Zenith the Carrier Zord. As a finishing move, Stratoforce
Megazord hurls an energized boomerang. The Phoenix Galactbeast is one of three
lost beasts, which lay dormant in space after a tough battle, and were found by
Deviot and used against the Rangers. Stratoforce was destroyed by an exploding
horde of Sting Wingers while defending Terra Venture. The Stratoforce megazord would be brought back by teran to aid the galactic rangers battle zertan and his army.

Centaurus Megazord

The power of the Rhino Galactabeast lies within the Centaurus Zords. Five red
land assault vehicles can combine and form the Centaurus Megazord. When not in
use, they are held inside of the Zenith Carrier Zord. Centaurus Megazord's
finishing move is a round of blasts from its cannon. 3,000 years ago, the Rhino,
Shark, and Phoenix Galactabeast fought a battle that left them helpless and
drifting through space. They were found by Deviot and turned evil to fight the
Rangers on Terra Venture. The Rangers successfully brought out the good in them,
and now have them as allies. Centaurus was destroyed by an exploding horde of
Sting Wingers while defending Terra Venture. Teran would restore the centaurus megazord to aid the rangers in battle against zertan and his army.

Zenith Carrier Zord

   The massive Zenith Carrier Zord is home to both Centaurus and
Stratoforce teams. When needed, Zenith will emerge from the water like the Shark
Galactabeast and open compartments that release the ten Zords. Along with the
Rhino and Phoenix, the Shark lay drifting in space, after a battle left them
powerless. A villain named Deviot found all three beasts and rebuilt them as his
evil Zords, which were later turned good by the Power Rangers. Zenith was last
seen on Terra Venture, which was destroyed. It is unknown if he was also
destroyed, or if he evacuated to Mirinoi. He would come back to help the galactic rangers battle zertan and his army.