Mystic Titans

 Mystic Phoenix
The Red Ranger transforms into the Mystic
Phoenix. The Phoenix is equipped with a sword.
Mystic Minotaur
The Green Ranger transforms into the Mystic
Minotaur. The Minotaur is equipped with a massive axe.
Mystic Mermaid
The Blue Ranger transforms into the Mystic Mermaid. The
Mermaid is equipped with a trident.
Mystic Garuda
The Yellow Ranger transforms into the Mystic Garuda. The
Garuda is equipped with powerful wings.
Mystic Sprite
The Pink Ranger transforms into the Mystic Sprite. The
Sprite can transform into a magical ball.

Titan Megazord

The five legendary Mystic Titans combine together to create the Titan Megazord. The Titan Megazord is equipped with an enchanted sword that it uses to take down evil. It also uses the Sprite as a soccer ball to attack enemies with and can use the Garuda's wings to take to the sky.

Solar Streak Megazord

Solar Streak
 The Solar Streak is a magical steam powered train which is
piloted by the Solaris Knight. The Solar Streak has access to a magical train station which it uses to travel between dimensions.
Solar Streak Megazord
 The magical train express Solar Streak can
transform into the Solar Streak Megazord. The Solar Streak Megazord can use magical train tracks to unleash mini trains to attack its opponent. It also can draw bad guys into the Solar Streak's furnace inside its chest. Vida ultilized
the train to take Matoombo to the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension. Daggeron
and Leanbow took it to Mystic Mother's palace where they confronted the Master.


The Catastros is a mystical ally to the Knight Wolf, which he rides into battle. His devotion to Leanbow stayed true and fought for the side of light along with him. His current location is unknown.

Centaurus Wolf Megazord

The Knight Wolf can also unite with the Catastros to create the Centaurus Wolf Megazord. The Centaurus Wolf Megazord is equipped with a lance to use in battle. When Leanbow saw what danger the rangers were with Blacklance, he transformed with Catastros into the Centaurus Wolf Megazord using good magic.

Centaurus Phoenix Megazord

When the Red Ranger tames the legendary Catastros, he combines with it as the Mystic Phoenix to form the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. The Centaurus Phoenix Megazord uses fire power to increase the fury of Catastros' tail.

Manticore Megazord and Mystic Legend Zords

Mystic Firebird
 With the Legend Warrior power, the Red
Ranger transforms into the Mystic Firebird. The Firebird has flaming wings whichcan create rings of fire just by flapping. The Firebird's mobility in the air gives it an advantage.
Mystic Lion
 With the Legend Warrior power, the Green, Blue, Yellow, and
Pink Rangers unite into the Mystic Lion. The Lion is gifted with speed and swiftness which can carry it through many obstacles.
Manticore Megazord
 The two ancient Mystic Legends combine together to
create the Manticore Megazord. The Manticore Megazord is equipped with a flaming
staff. Its fire power is usually too hot for its opponents to handle. It also
has claws that alternate into fists.


Brightstar is a mystical unicorn who is an old friend of Daggeron's. She has the ability to travel between dimensions. Her current wheareabouts are unknown. It could be assumed that she is eating on a grassy knoll in a magical dimension somewhere.


The Mystic Pheonix can combine with Brightstar to create the Phoenix Unizord. The Phoenix Unizord is equipped with a lance weapon to take down enemies in battle.