Zeo Zords

The Zeo Zords were the primary Zords of the Zeo Rangers.  Billy Cranston and Alpha 5 worked on these new Zords, which were based on creatures and structures from mythology. The Zeo Zords still lie dormant in their containment hangar in the mountains.

  • Zeo Zord 1: Piloted by Pink Zeo Ranger Kat Hillard; it was based on the Moai Statue.
  • Zeo Zord 2: Piloted by Yellow Zeo Ranger Tanya Sloan; it was based on the Dogu Statue.
  • Zeo Zord 3: Piloted by Blue Zeo Ranger Rocky DeSantos; it was based on the Sphinx.
  • Zeo Zord 4: Piloted by Green Zeo Ranger Adam Park; it was based on Taurus the Bull.
  • Zeo Zord 5: Piloted by the Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver; it was based on the Phoenix.

Zeo Megazord

When things get too tough for the Zeo Zords, they can combine and form the Zeo Megazord. Usually in warrior mode with the Zeo V battle helmet, the Zeo Megazord can wear the helmet of the other four Zeo Zords as well. The Zeo Megazord presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.

Red Battlezord

This backup Zord of Zeo Ranger V packs quite a punch, to say the least. Red Battlezord blows away the bad guys with rapid firing wrist mounted blasters, and knocks them out with his fierce punching action. Battlezord's special moves include the power rocket spin, and star visor blast.

Zeo Mega battlezord

To finish off monsters with style, Red Battlezord can combine with the Zeo Megazord to form the Zeo Mega Battlezord. He also combines with the Zeo Zords and Pyramidas to form the Zeo Ultrazord. Red Battlezord presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.

Super Zeo Zords

The ultimate in monster fighting, the Super Zeo Zords are ready to defend the Earth. The Super Zeo Zords are each capable of flight and energy projection from their chests, and are each equipped with a laser pistol and a Power Weapon. The Super Zeo Zords formed from the Super Zeo Gems, which were a gift from an alien visitor named Trey, the original bearer of the Gold Ranger powers. The Super Zeo Zords presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.

Super Zeo Megazord

For even more Power, the Rangers combine their Super Zeo Zords into the mighty Super Zeo Megazord, armed with twin swords.


Pyramidas is summoned by the Gold Ranger into battle. This giant pyramid is capable of interstellar flight, and can fire golden lightning bolts. Pyramidas can also combine with the Zeo Zords and Red Battlezord to form the Zeo Ultrazord, the ultimate in Zeo firepower. When Gold Ranger returned to his home planet, he took Pyramidas with him. After the death or Trey and the selection of a new gold ranger

Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode

Pyramidas can merge with the other zords either by transforming into a rolling carrier with the Zords on top. They all combine their firepower for a devastating attack.

Zeo Ultrazord Warrior mode

Pyramidas can also merge with the Zeo Zords by transforming into warrior mode, which places the Zeo Zords inside chambers within Pyramidas, and Red Battlezord on top to form the shoulder cannons.

Warrior Wheel

The forces of the Machine Empire shouldn't underestimate this little fella. Despite his size, Warrior Wheel is a fast and fierce fighter. He rolls into battle as a wheel and transforms into a robot in warrior mode. As a finishing move, the Super Zeo Megazord rolls Warrior Wheel in wheel mode at a monster, destroying it with a blast of energy. Warrior Wheel presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.