Teran a good sorcerer who lives on the planet titan 6 in the horsehead nebula. Upon realizing what Zertan was up too he began working on a plan to counter zertans. Teran would proceed to revive Zordon as well as bring back the powers of the rangers after Zertan destroys the morphing grid.

Zordon Of Eltar

A wise old sage, Zordon used to fight evil around the galaxy, eventually establishing a base of operations on Earth. In a final battle with Rita Repulsa, Zordon was trapped in a time warp, his only window to our reality being a giant tube in the Command Center. During the Power Rangers in Space saga, Zordon was destroyed, using his energy to wipe out evil forces. The Scorcerer Teran would revive him to help battle his evil brother Zertan and his Evil Army.

Alpha 7

When the Operation Overdrive Ranger's link was severed from Morphing Grid by Thrax, Adam said he knew someone who could repair it. Adam and the team of former Rangers retrieved a box of disconnected parts inside a Warehouse in Angel Grove. Andrew Hartford's reconnected the parts making Alpha 6 operable once again. Alpha was able to restore the ranger's powers. After Thrax is defeated, Adam hires him as an employee at his new dojo.  After Zordon is resurrected Alpha 7 would return to the newly rebuilt Command Center and takeover operations of it once again.


Hot headed and impulsive, Ninjor loves nothing more than a good fight. He is the guardian of the Temple of Power, the source of the Ninja Rangers' powers. When the Rangers came to him in their time of need, he was reluctant at first, but eventually gave them the Power of Ninja and the Ninja Zords. Ninjor could increase in size and transform into a powered up mode. He used a sword in combat, and shot energy balls. Ninjor currently resides at the temple, and no longer communicates with any Ranger team.

Blue Senturion

 This intergalactic police officer made his way to Earth to deliver a message from the millenium. Unfortunately, Divatox got the message before the Rangers, and it's erased from Blue Senturion's memory before he can tell the Rangers. The message involved the threat of all villains combining forces on an assault on the universe. When this event came true, Blue Senturion left for Eltare, where the first strike against good was taking place.  He would aid the rangers in the up coming battles against Zertan's army.

Phantom Ranger

  The Phantom Ranger has once again reappeared into the adventures of the Power Rangers, this time revealing himself to be searching for Zordon on his own throughout the galaxy. In his first encounter with the new team, he gave Andros the Delta Megaship. He would aid the rangers in the up coming battles against Zertan's army.  

Angela Rawlings

Scientist at Lightspeed who develops new Zords, weapons and vehicles for the Rangers. Ms. Fairweather is usually absorbed in her work, and makes little time for anything else. She constantly shot down Joel, who pursued a relationship with her, but ultimately gave in, and the two ended up married. She would accompany the Lightspeed Rangers to Angel Grove to help out at the command center in the up coming battles.


This little robotic owl is the Rangers' technical advisor. He informs them of the weapons at their disposal, and performs diagnostics on their equipment. When he's not on the job, he frequently resides in Trip's backpack. Circuit would come back with the time force Rangers and help out in the command center in the battle against Zertan.

Princess Shayla

3000 years ago, Princess Shayla entered a deep sleep on the Animarium when it
came under attack by the Org. She awoke when the Org began resurfacing, and now
guides the Wild Force Rangers in their battle against evil. Shayla is very
upbeat and perky, and cares for the Rangers as if they were her own children.
Princess Shayla shares a special bond with her protector, Merrick. The two are
torn between their duties and their feelings for each other. After the final
defeat of Master Org, Shayla returned to her slumber on the Animarium, waiting
for the day when she would be needed again and that time would be now.


The Dino Rangers look to Hayley for technical support in the Dino Lab. She went to college where she met Tommy, and is a graduate of MIT. She designed the Dino Morphers and a great deal of the other weapons; including the Raptor Cycles. Hayley also runs the Cyberspace cafe, with the assistence of Trent. She would accompany the Dino Rangers and Tommy to Angel Grove and help out at the Command center during the up coming battles.


R.I.C. - Robotic Interactive Canine is the trusty robotic assistant to the Power Rangers. He was created by Kat to perform many functions; including acting as a cannon for the Power Rangers as well as the Battlizer for the Red Ranger. R.I.C would come back with the S.P.D rangers to help with the battle against Zertan.

Andrew Hartford

An adventurer and billionaire who created the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers to find the jewels of the Corona Aurora. He originally planned to be the Red Ranger, but after much relentless urging from his son Mac; He decided that his son was better suited for the job, despite his own fears of losing Mack. He never stops worrying about his son and reassures his son that one day he will worry about him. His preoccupations were explained when Mack was inflicted with a virus and malfunctioned, revealing he was really an android built a little over two years ago. Mack was created because Andrew was unable to meet the right woman due to his work and chose to make himself a son. When the Sentinel Knight suggested to place the Corona Aurora upon Mack's head, Mack became a flesh and blood son to accompany Andrew in his adventures.

Sential Knight

After Flurious and Moltor tried to steal the Corona Aurora and were cursed, the crown's guardian hid the crown and its five jewels throughout the planet Earth. His spirit returned to urge that Andrew and his team of Rangers protect the crown from impending forces. He once battled and imprisoned Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. When Thrax disabled the Overdrive Ranger's powers, the Sentinel Knight summoned five veteran Rangers and repowered them so they could temporarily take the current Rangers' place. After Mack retrieved the sword Excelsior, he gave it to the Sentinel Knight so that no one could use it to harm him and its power restored Sentinel Knight to a physical form. After being restored to a new physical form, he swiftly destroyed Thrax. He has since been capable of transforming into the powerful Sentinel Sword weapon. Thanks to modifications by Rose, Sentinel Knight was able to merge with Mack to become the Red Sentinel Ranger. When the Corona Aurora was successfully retrieved, the Sentinel Knight took his original form. Thanks to him, Mack became human by placing the crown on his head. He would aid the rangers in the up coming battles against Zertan's army.


When Dai Shi returned to his palace, Camille emerged from a wall, where she waited for his return. She has the ability to blend into anything in order to hide or sneak up on anyone at any time. She is unabashedly loyal to her master and assists at collecting fear and will do anything to help defeat the Power Rangers. With the spirit of the Chameleon, she can change into a warrior form. Like Dai Shi, she commands the Rinshi and can give them more power when she wants. She uses her lengthy tongue to whip or constrict people in her way. Even though Dai Shi trusts her very much, he never thanks her and considers her expendable. Naga, one of the Five Fingers of Poison unsuccessfully attempted to lure her away from Dai Shi and offered her real life, but she destroyed him and took three of his Life Talons Dai Shi needs to resurrect the Overlords. When the Phantom Beasts arrived, Camille wanted Rinzin power and was granted such by Dai Shi and donned a Phoenix form. When Dai Shi started loosing control of Jarrod, he saved her from two Phantom Beast Generals sent to kill her. Her feelings went to Jarrod, who clearly cares for her and assisted in destroy Snapper with the Rangers. When she stood up against Dai Shi for Jarrod, she was stripped of her Phoenix form. When the Rangers needed help in the final battle without Jarrod, Camille went to help because of Lilly's belief in her. Later, she joined the Phi Zhaq academy as Casey's student to redeem herself and start anew.


He was a student at Master Mao's temple and wielder of the Lion spirit. Jarrod was highly skilled and was selected to one of the guardians of Dai Shi's prison. Unfortunately, Jarrod's arrogance forced Master Mao to dismiss Jarrod and select Casey instead. After a brief battle with Master Mao, the chest accidentally opened and brought Dai Shi to the real world once again. Dai Shi defeated Master Mao. Jarrod ran off, Dai Shi saw his fear and took over Jarrod's body as a host. When Dai Shi became Phantom Beast King, Jarrod adopted a stronger Griffin form. Dai Shi told Jarrod that he lacked the heart of lion, he chose him because he hadn't a shred of nobility or kindness. Three Phantom Beast Generals were sent to kill Camille and he managed to destroy two of them. Casey believed in him and helped release him from Dai Shi. His Griffin armor was stripped from him by Dai Shi. He helped fight against Scorch and Snapper, but when asked to help in the final battle, he was ashamed of his deeds and who he was and believed there was no going back. It was until Camille left to help, that he finally got the courage to stand up to Dai Shi. After the final battle, he was a student in Casey's class in the Phi Zhaq academy who could also assist.

Mentor Ji

Mentor Ji is the Rangers' strict sensei.He would go with the samurai rangers to Angel grove and help out at the command center in the battle against zertan.