It's Morphin Time!

David Johnson

Full Name: David Johnson
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger V - Red
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Sword
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal, Red Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord Five, Red Battlezord, Super Zeo Zord Five

David was born and raised in Angel Grove. He would meet Chris, Martin and Deloss in elementary school. David is an Athlete and currently plays football for the Angel Grove High Wolfs. He would end up being selected as the Red Zeo Ranger.

Rocky Desantos

Full Name: Rocky DeSantos
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger III - Blue
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Axes
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal, Blue Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord Three, Super Zeo Zord Three

The Blue Zeo sub-crystal found its way into a volcano in Mexico, endangering the people who lived nearby by making it unstable. Upon his arrival in Mexico, Rocky asked a boy named Pablo DeSantos to lead him to the volcano. Once there, Rocky climbed in and retrieved the Blue crystal, saving the village, and bringing the Zeo Crystal one step closer to completion. After sustaining a back injury, Rocky gave his place on the team to young martial artist Justin, who became the Blue Turbo Ranger.


Full Name: Karone
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger IV - Green
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Hatchets
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal, Green Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord Four, Super Zeo Zord Four

Formerly known as Astronema, princess of evil, Karone has abandoned her adventures with the Space Rangers to join the Galaxy team on Terra Venture. She was drawn to protect Kendrix's Quasar Saber after it had fallen into evil hands, and she not only recovered it, but used its power to transform into the new Pink Ranger, carrying on for the fallen Kendrix. She assumed control of the Wildcat Galactazord. Karone is sweet and gentle, a radical departure from her days as a villainess, which she seeks to make amends for by fighting for good. Karone currently resides on Mirinoi along with the rest of Terra Venture's inhabitants. She gave up her powers when she placed his Quasar Saber back into the stone to restore Maya's tribe. she would be given the powers of the green zeo ranger by Teran.

Aisha Campbell

Full Name: Aisha Campbell
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger II - Yellow
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Double-Clubs
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with
Zeo Crystal, Yellow Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord Two, Super Zeo Zord Two

Spirited and full of energy, Aisha was always up to the challenge as a Power Ranger. She met the Power Rangers on a trip to Angel Grove, where she competed in the Ninja Competition along with Rocky and Adam. Aisha and her friends assisted the Rangers in the rescue of a baby in danger. She continued assisting the Rangers when they needed it, proving herself a formidable replacement for Trini as the Yellow Ranger. Trini left Aisha her powers by transferring them to her with the Sword of Light. Yellow Ranger's power weapons are the Power Daggers, powerful blades used for defense and for throwing. Her weapons combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Yellow Ranger, Aisha gained enhanced strength, speed, durability, and limited energy projection. Her Yellow Ranger powers were lost when Master Vile turned the team into children, and Goldar destroyed the Power Coins. Upon retrieving the Yellow Zeo Crystal, she sent Tanya back to the team in her place, and stayed in Africa to help the animals.

Megumi Fukuhara

Full Name: Megumi Fukuhara
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger I -Pink
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Disc
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal, Pink Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord One, Super Zeo Zord One

Megumi is Japanese born but her parent's moved to angel grove when she was still just a baby. Though she grew up in the states her parents raised her in a traditional japanese lifestyle and atmosphere. Her parents agreed to let her attend A public high school so they all chose Angel Grove high. This decision would change her life she would meet her life long friends Nanami, Deloss, David, Martin, Chris and Mia as well as being chosen by Teran to become the Pink Zeo ranger. Megumi is somewhat of shy person unless around friends.

Martin Harris

Full Name: Martin Harris
Ranger Designation: Gold Zeo Ranger
Weapons: Golden Power Staff
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Golden Shield
Zords: Pyramidas, Warrior Wheel

Martin a Child hood friend of Chris along with Deloss, Born and rasied in Atlanta. Martins family along with Chris' and Deloss' families all moved to Angel Grove together. They would all attended elementary, Middle and High school together. In elementary they would meet David and then in high school they would meet Megumi, Nanami and Mai. Martin would be selected by Teran and Zordon to become the new Gold Zeo Ranger. Martin is a jokester and loud and outspoken in a good way.