Let's Rocket!


Full Name: Andros
Ranger Designation: Red Space Ranger
Weapons: Spiral Saber, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Battlizer, Red Battlizer Armor, Red Galaxy Glider
Zords: Astro Megazord, Delta Megazord, Mega V1

Andros is the stubborn, brooding leader of the Rangers. Upon meeting them, he was unwilling to accept their help, but after a little convincing he let them join him on the Megaship as Power Rangers. Andros is from the planet KO-35, a human colonization which was evacuated. He is serious and decisive, and did not rest until he found his long lost sister Karone, who was revealed to be Astronema. He appealed to the good in her, and successfully brought her over to the side of good. His weapon is the Spiral Sabre, and he piloted Mega V1, the robot. Using the Battlizer, he could control the Delta Megazord, and summon armor and a wings. After years of inactivity, Andros returned as the Red Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers. Andros was once again called into action to help the legendary Ranger Tommy gather intelligence on the Machine Empire's plans to unearth Serpentera and destroy Earth. Using his new space ship, the Astro Megaship mark 2, he teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and travelled to the moon to stop the Machine Empire.

T.J. Johnson

Full Name: Theodore J. Jarvis Johnson
Ranger Designation: Blue Space Ranger
Weapons: Astro Axe, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Blue Galaxy Glider
Zords: Mega V3

T.J. is the courageous and fearless second in command. After the Turbo Rangers lost their powers, he successfully led the team into space, where they found Andros and the Megaship. While fighting Darkonda, TJ took a serious blow to head, and lost his memory. By remembering his friends and what they meant to him, he was able to regain his memory just in time to help Andros and save his captive friends. His weapon is the Astro Axe, and he pilots Mega V3, the missile. After years of inactivity, TJ returned as the Blue Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers. When Machine Empire forces unearthed Serpentera to destroy Earth, TJ regained his Turbo powers to team up with 9 other Red Rangers and travel to the moon to stop them.

Carlos Vallerte

Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Black Space Ranger
Weapons: Lunar Lance, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Black Galaxy Glider
Zords: Mega V2

Carlos is a good natured and friendly person, and has a strong sense of loyalty and compassion. He has taken a shine to fiddling with the technology on the Megaship, and takes full advantage of his resources. During a battle with a monster who could instantaneously switch places with anyone in contact, Carlos accidentally attacked and injured Cassie, which led to him resigning as a Ranger. With Adam's help, he regained his confidence and overcame his fears, returning to the team. His weapon was the Lunar Lance, and he piloted Mega V2, the shuttle. After years of inactivity, Carlos returned as the Black Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers.

Ashley Hammond

Full Name:  Ashley Hammond
Ranger Designation: Yellow Space Ranger
Weapons: Star Slinger, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Yellow Galaxy Glider
Zords: Mega V4

Ashley provides the team with a shoulder to lean on. She is very sweet and caring, and comforts those who need it. Her bright and cheery personality, coupled with her slightly ditzy nature bring a smile to anyone's face. When her grandmother came by for a visit, she was so eager to see Ashley with a nice boy, that Ashley made Carlos pretend to be her boyfriend. Her weapon was the Star Slinger, and she piloted Mega V4, the flying saucer. After years of inactivity, Ashley returned as the Yellow Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers.

Cassie Chan

Full Name: Cassie Chan
Ranger Designation: Pink Space Ranger
Weapons: Satellite Stunner, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Pink Galaxy Glider
Zords: Mega V5

Beneath Cassie's sarcastic and gutsy exterior lies a caring and compassionate soul who finds it difficult at times to show her true feelings. She gives everyone a chance to prove themselves to her, and puts a lot of faith into people. Cassie discovered a wasp with a heart, one of Astronema's monsters who did not want to be evil. She stuck by him, and defended him against both the Rangers and Astronema's forces. Her weapon was the Satellite Stunner, and she piloted Mega V5, the tank. After years of inactivity, Cassie returned as the Pink Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers, and almost lost her powers to Psycho Pink.


Full Name: Zhane
Ranger Designation: Silver Space Ranger
Weapons: Super Silverizer
Gear: Digimorpher, Galactic Rover, Silver Cycle
Zords: Mega Winger

The Silver Ranger is said to be the most powerful Ranger in the universe. Zhane is an old friend of Andros' who was injured in a battle on KO-35 a few years before he was released from a cryogenic chamber which kept him alive on the Megaship. His powers were weakened upon release from his cryo-sleep, and he was recharged by being struck by lightning. Zhane is smooth and charming, and lives life to its fullest, at times being a bit of a hotshot. When Astronema was attacked by her own monster, Zhane rescued her, and the encounter led to a romance between the two. His weapon is the Super Silverizer, and he pilots the Mega Winger, as well as the Galactic Rover. His whereabouts after heading to Earth with the Space Rangers in unknown.