Go Go Samurai!

Jayden Shiba

Full Name: Jayden  Shiba
Ranger Designation: Red Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Fire Smasher
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Lion Folding Zord

Like his Zord, the lion, Jayden is a ferocious leader. He is a man of few words,
but when he speaks, every breath counts. He is kind and caring but knows how to
be firm when the time comes. He also has a secret that he must keep from all the
other Rangers. His element is of Fire.
Kevin is a disciplined master swordsman and a professional swimmer. His strict
but wise father trained him from birth in the ways of the Samurai. He has wanted
to perform in the Olympics but had to forgo that in order to perform his duty as
a Ranger. When it comes time to get a job done, you want this warrior on your
team. His element is of Water.


Full Name: Mike
Ranger Designation: Green Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Forest Spear
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Bear Folding Zord, Beetle Basher

Mike isn't a troublemaker, but he is a bit of a rebel. He loves video games and
hanging out with his friends. And although he is a very talented Ranger, this
free spirit's wild, goofy sense of humor doesn't always line up with the ways of
the Samurai. But this shouldn't stop him from giving his all to every battle. He
feels like his skills are lacking, but trains hard to be at the same level as
the others. His element is of the forest.


Full Name: Emily
Ranger Designation: Yellow Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Earth Slicer
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Ape Folding Zord

Emily was not meant to be a Ranger, taking the place for her sick sister. She is
a country girl who grew up on a farm. She is very cheery and optimistic, she is
like the little sister of the group. She is innocent, sweet and the youngest of
the group. She seems to also have a close kinship with Mike. Her element is of


Full Name: Mia
Ranger Designation: Pink Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Sky Fan
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Turtle Folding Zord

Mia is a confident, sensitive big sister to the others on her team. She is so
eager to give that sometimes her own needs get overlooked. She considers herself
to be a great cook, but you'd have a hard time finding another Ranger who

Gold Power!

Antonio Garcia

Full Name: Antonio Garcia
Ranger Designation: Gold Ranger
Weapons: Barracuda Blade
Gear: Samurai Morpher
Zord: Octo Zord, Lobster Zord

Jayden’s childhood friend Antonio is a traveling fisherman and a self-made Samurai. He was given the Octozord by Jayden when they were children in promise that he would become a Samurai as well. Antonio occasionally adds Spanish words in conversation, which is usually referred to as Spanglish. Antonio has great symbol power that he was able to make his own morpher. He was given the Claw Zord to fix but it could not go into full power until Mia, Kevin, Mike and Jayden helped with their Symbol Power to make it work and transform into its own Megazord. Like the others, Antonio can also call upon Mega Mode. He uses his tech wiz abilities and texting to try to make the Black Box work.