S.P.D Emergency!

Jack Landors

Full Name: Jack Landors
Ranger Designation: Red S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power : Molecularization - the ability to pass through solid objects
Special Skill: Aquiring Targets
Weapons: Delta Blasters, Delta Enforcer
Gear: Delta Morpher, Patrol Cycle
Zords: Delta Runner 1, S.W.A.T. Flyer 1

Jack grew up on the streets and wasn't used to taking orders from anyone. His dream has always been to help the less fortunate and along with his partner in crime Z, he was a modern day Robin Hood. After being arrested by S.P.D., Commander Cruger offers Jack a chance at a better life and recruits him to be the Red Ranger. After finding out as the Red Ranger he was the leader of the Power Rangers, Jack took advantage of his position at S.P.D. Cruger forces Jack to realize his mistake and his true potential as he leads the B-Squad through some tough challenges.

The other Rangers don't always agree with Jack's leadership, but the others come to respect him as they grow as a team. Jack completes S.W.A.T. training and the team achieves S.W.A.T. Mode, while he is also given the S.P.D. Battlizer. When A-Squad turns against them and capture Cruger, Jack leads the Rangers in bringing them down.

When the Power Rangers defeat Gruumm, Jack decides he wants a life outside of S.P.D. He meets a girl named Ally Samuels who helps him to do what he loves again. Jack and Ally go into business with Piggy and give out clothes to the homeless.

Schuyler "Sky" Tate

Full Name: Schuyler "Sky" Tate
Ranger Designation: Blue S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Able to create force fields
Special Skill: Profiling Criminals
Weapons: Deltamax Striker, Delta Enforcer
Gear: Delta Morpher, Patrol Cycle
Zords: Delta Runner 2, S.W.A.T. Flyer 2

Sky is top on B-Squad on weapons and fighting, and believes he should be the Red Ranger just like his father was. He is neat and precise about everything he does, and plays things by the rules. Unfortunately, his pride gets in the way and Commander Cruger picks him to be the Blue Ranger. Sky is not happy about this, especially when he finds out Jack is the Red Ranger. Sky challenges Jack's authority in the beginning, but begins to accept him as the Red Ranger. Although he still wishes to be like his father - a Red Ranger.

When Sky faces off against Mirloc, the one responsible for the death of his father, Jack thinks Sky should be the one to bring him in as the Red Ranger. Although it was an honor to be the Red Ranger, Sky begins to realize that heroes come in all colors. After going through extensive S.W.A.T. training on Zantor to aquire S.W.A.T. Mode, he discovers the importance of his team. With teamwork, they are able to even defeat the renegade A-Squad.

With Jack leaving S.P.D., Sky has grown into a great leader and has learned to accept his teamates as equals. Cruger chooses him to step up as the new Red Ranger.

Bridge Carson

Full Name: Bridge Carson
Ranger Designation: Green S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Able to track evil through psychic senses
Special Skill: Master Mechanic
Weapons: Deltamax Striker, Delta Enforcer
Gear: Delta Morpher, Patrol Cycle
Zords: Delta Runner 3, S.W.A.T. Flyer 3

Bridge might appear slow at times, but he is a computer genious, a master mechanic, and much more. He might be gullible, but also has a heart of gold. People underestimate Bridge, but he always manages to come through with his quick thinking. He often annoys the team and can be very unconventional at times, but his sense of humor is often the heart of the team. He is the perfect canidate to be the Green Ranger.

Bridge takes it upon himself to overanalyze any situation and sometimes lacks confidence. Bridge endures S.W.A.T. training on Zantour with the others to achieve S.W.A.T. Mode. Bridge relies more on intuition than any other Ranger and is the first one to sense that something is wrong with A-Squad. As time goes on, the other Rangers come to respect how he always comes through for them and he becomes more confident.

After Gruumm is defeated and Jack leaves S.P.D., Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger.

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado

Full Name: Elizabeth "Z" Delgado
Ranger Designation: Yellow S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Replication - able to duplicate herself
Special Skill: Negotiator
Weapons: Deltamax Striker, Delta Enforcer
Gear: Delta Morpher
Zords: Delta Runner 4, S.W.A.T. Flyer 4

Z spent most of her life living on the streets - helping the homeless by stealing from those more fortunate. She desired to be a part of something bigger, and when arrested by S.P.D. was offered that chance by Commander Cruger when he made her the Yellow Ranger. Z is the one who always looks out for those who are less fortunate or being picked on.

When young Sam was picked on by his peers for being different, Z remembers what she went through as a child and comes to Sam's aid. When Z was only 12, she was ridiculed for her genetic abilities and was once saved by a mysterious person in the shadows. The person turned out to be none other than Commander Cruger. This inspired a desire to protect others. Through S.W.A.T. training on Zantor, Z learns to get over her differences with Syd and together as a team, the Rangers take down a renegade A-Squad.

When Jack leaves S.P.D., Z stays with the Rangers and continues to live out her dream of protecting the innocent.

Sydney "Syd" Drew

Full Name: Sydney "Syd" Drew
Ranger Designation: Pink S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Elements - able to turn her hands into any element that she touches
Special Skill: Surveillance Expert
Weapons: Deltamax Striker, Delta Enforcer
Gear: Delta Morpher
Zords: Delta Runner 5, S.W.A.T. Flyer 5

Sydney comes from a rich family and although being spoiled shows, she is the heart of the team. She takes pride in her looks and accomplishments as a model and a singer, but don't let her appearence fool you, she can hold her own as the Pink Ranger. Syd starts off pretty shallow and is quick to think about herself and her appearence. When Z first moves into her room, she is not happy at all. On her birthday, all she cares about is herself until she realizes Jack doesn't even have a birthday.

As time goes on, Sydney learns the value of friendship and is always there for her team. When R.I.C. is ready for the scrap heap, she defends his worth and recruits Bridge and Boom to repair and upgrade him. She comes through during S.W.A.T. training on Zantour and against A-Squad. By the end, she teaches all of her teamates how to be better Rangers.

After defeating Gruumm, Syd continues in her persuit of S.P.D. to serve and protect the galaxy.

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger

Full Name: Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
Ranger Designation: Shadow S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Unavailable
Special Skill: S.P.D. Commander
Weapons: Shadow Saber
Gear: Patrol Morpher
Zords: Delta Command

Doggie is in command of Earth's S.P.D. operations. He commands the Power Rangers team, and proves to be one of their most valuable assets by becoming the Shadow Ranger. He is the sole survivor of the planet Sirius, the founder of S.P.D. When the evil Emperor Gruumm attacked Sirius, Doggie faught against all the odds, but couldn't save anyone on his planet, not even his wife Isinia.

When an old enemy General Benaag appears on Earth, Doggie is reminded of his past and must take up his sword again when Kat is kidnapped. Doggie becomes the Shadow Ranger and learns that there is much that he doesn't know about the events on Sirius. When his superior officer Supreme Commander Birdie comes to Earth, Doggie is forced to split up the team. Since he doesn't comply, Birdie relieves him of duty. After Gruumm appears on Earth, Doggie must return as Shadow Ranger to save the team from Gruumm.

When Cruger was training at the academy on Sirius, he faces off against a power hungry student Ichyor who gets expelled from S.P.D. after trying to kill him. Later, Ichyor returns to take his revenge out on Doggie's Rangers. Justice is finally served when Doggie brings in Ichyor for his crimes, but not before he reveals that Isinia is alive.

Doggie finally faces off against Gruumm and finishes what he started on Sirius by cutting off his other antler. He rescues Isinia and brings in Gruumm once and for all. Doggie is promoted to the next rank and continues his command of S.P.D. on Earth.

Katherine "Kat" Manx

Full Name: Katherine "Kat" Manx
Ranger Designation: Kat S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Not Available
Special Skill: Lab Technician
Weapons: Not Available
Gear: Delta Morpher
Zords:  Delta Command

Kat is who the Power Rangers look to for technical support. She has designed most of the Rangers weapons - and is Commander Cruger's trusted assistant and friend. Her home planet was also attacked by the Troobian Empire, so she has joined in S.P.D.'s fight against evil. She may be just a lab technician, but she can hold her own.

Kat is recruited to S.P.D. central command under request by Supreme Commander Birdie. She returns to Earth with a temporary Morpher and becomes the Kat Ranger to stop an old friend with a grudge. Although her time as a Ranger is limited, she realizes the Rangers need her skills on Earth. When Commander Cruger and B-Squad are captured, she is one of the ones who leads the remaining S.P.D. Cadets into battle against the invading Troobian Empire.