Deep inside the horse head nebula there lies a string of 10 planets known as the Titan planets. Each one is a habitable planet but on Titan 6 there is a family that is feared by all the other planets they are the Sorcerer Zertan his wife Desta and their 4 daughters Night, Mare, Insania and Kegalesia. They have been given many names Like Death incarnate, The family of Fear, The Royal Family of Evil, and Evil Personified. They have become known and revered by fellow villainy throughout space and time But now the time for them to strike is finally at hand.

Zertan " Is everything ready"
Insania " Yes, Father everything is ready for you."
Zertan " Good when I am finished I will need to rest do you all understand that?"
Insania, Kegalesia, Night and Mare "Understood Father."
Zertan walks up to the ritual area that his daughters have set up for him.
Zertan "With this power that I release I spread evil all across the universe."
When he says that a pillar lights up.
Zertan "With this power that I release I awake the evil resting deep inside."
Another pillar lights up.
Zertan "With this power that I release I will destroy my enemies."
Another Pillar Lights up.
Zertan "With this power that I release I revive that which has been killed or destroyed."
The final pillar lights up and the lights flow down the pillar and into the center of the ritual area where there is a final pillar which has not lit up yet.
Zertan "With this power that I release I will bring destruction and death to everyone and everything!"
With that said the middle pillar lights up and the four surrounding pillars shoot lighting into Zertan and then into the middle pillar then a wave of energy is shot from the middle pillar and traverses through time and space. After that Zertan collapses and his daughters run to him.
Night " Father are you all right."
Zertan "Yes my sweet. I need to rest please take me to my chambers."
Mare "Yes Father."
Insania, Kegalesia, Night and Mare take their father back to his chambers where his wife Desta is waiting for him.
Desta "Did everything go as planned."
Zertan "Yes my dear."
Desta "So everything has been set in motion."
Zertan with a smile "Yes my dear and soon you and my daughters will rule the universe with me."
With that said all six of them get a huge smile on their face and begin to chuckle.
Kegalesia "But Father what about Teran? What should we do?"
Zertan "As long as he is on Titan 1 we cannot touch him. But for now I have other plans. Call in Anupus, Crovus, Cobrus, Scorpus, Serpus and Jagrus in here."
Servant "Yes your Highness."
A few minutes later the 6 warriors arrive.
Zertan "For now I need you six warriors along with my daughters and wife to go and take care of a few matters. Insania I want you to go to Earth to the city of Briarwood and searchout the one called Udonna and I want you to kill her understood."
Insania "Yes father as you wish" and with that Insania leaves her fathers chambers and heads for the city of Briarwood on earth.
Zertan "Scorpus I to want you to go to earth to mariner bay and search out the one called Captain Mitchell and Kill him understood."
Scorpus "Completely sir it will be done." with that he disappears.
Zertan "Night and Mare you along with Anupus and Ravus will go to the Phi Zhaq Academy and Kill the two called Jarrod and Camille."
Night and Mare "Yes Father"
Anupus and Ravus "Yes Master." With that Night and Mare along with Anupus and Ravus suddenly teleport.
Zertan "Kegalesia I want you to take Cobrus and Serpus with you to the Wind ninja academy in the town of Blue bay harbor to find and kill The one called Sensei Kanoi."
Kegalesia "Yes father."
Cobrus and Serpus "Yes Master." with that the three dissappear.
Zertan "After these tasks are completed I will destroy the morphing grid allowing for complete domination."
Desta "And it will be a glorious day when we rule the entire universe."
Zertan "Exactly. But I now Ineed for you to do something as well Jagrus."
Jagrus "What is it Master."
Zertan "I need for you to go and find all those who have been revived and resurrected and bring them here understood."
Jagrus "Yes my master."

Meanwhile on Titan 1 Teran is sitting down for dinner when all of sudden he feels the the evil engery wave that Zertan created.
Teran "NO! I knew that this day would come but not so soon I am not prepared. I must hasten my work. I must head for earth now."
Teran gets up from his table and heads into his workshop and grabs a case.
Teran "I will be needing this. I must hurry I need to revive Zordon. I pray that I will not be late."
With that said Teran teleports from his house on titan 1.

On Earth at the Phi Zhag Academy it is another day of studies and training.
Casey "All right everyone lets take a lunch break and come back in an hour."
Casey's students bow and head off to eat lunch. Casey heads over to where Lily, Theo, Dominick, Camille and Jarrod are at.
Casey "What's up guys? How are all of your classes going?"
Theo "Everything is going good with my class"
Jarrod "Same here no complaints"
Camille "I have a few that are lacking but they will catch up in time."
Lily "No problems with my class."
Dominick "Sorry to change the subject but where is RJ with the food."
RJ "Right here" he yells out with a smile and 4 pizza boxes.
Camille "about time I was getting hungry"
Voice "It's a Shame you won't get to eat." That voice startles everyone as they turn to see two females in black and purple with wings coming out of their head and 2 other warriors one that looks like a raven and the other looks like the egyptian god Anubis.
Casey, Theo, Lily, Dominick, RJ, Camille and Jarrod all stand up and face the 4 fighters. They are noticed by the other Phi Zhag students who coming running over there.
Casey "Who are you."
Night "My name is Night and this is my Sister Mare and these are our guards Anupus and Ravus."
Theo "Never heard of you."
Jarrod and Camille step forward
Camille "We have."
Lily "Who are they?"
Jarrod "They are the youngest daughters of The Sorcerer Emperor Zertan."
Camille "And the other 2 are their personal guards."
Lily "What do you want?" She yells out.
Mare "We have come to take the life's of Jarrod and Camille"
When Mare says that Casey, Lily, Theo, RJ, Dominick, Camille and Jarrod are all in shock."
RJ "Won't let you kill them!"
Anupus "And you plan on stopping us?"
Dominick "Exactly"
Night "Do plan on using your jungle beasts power to help you?"
Mare "No matter." with that she pulls out her gattling gun and begins to shoot at the jungle rangers knocking them all back and in the confusion Anupus and Ravus are able to grab Camille and Jarrod. When the smoke clears the rangers get up only to see Anupus and Ravus hold Camille and Jarrod who are struggling to escape. When they begin to race towards Anupus and Ravus. Night and Mare step in front of Jarrod and Camille and stab them in the heart with knives. Jarrod and Camilles eye's open wide and their mouths drop. The rangers stop in their tracks as Camille and Jarrod fall to the ground with blood pouring out of their chests.
Lily "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Night "Well that was a little too easy. Maybe we should just kill the rangers as well."
Just then the sky turns completely black and Zertan's image appears.
Zertans "Night and Mare you will return to the castle immediately. Your job is finished!"
Night and Mare look at each other and pout and then turn and look at their father
Night and Mare "Yes Father."
They along with Anupus and Ravus disappear.
When they leave the rangers run to Camille and Jarrod but they are already dead.
Lily "Why! Why did they have to kill them." 
RJ "and who is this Zertan?"
Casey "It doesn't matter I just known that we will avenge Jarrod and Camille's Deaths"
RJ, Theo, Dominick and Lily all nod at Casey.

In Briarwood at the Root Core Udonna and Clare are chatting with each other when all of sudden Udonna stops.
Clare "What is it Udonna?"
Udonna "I can no longer sense the Mystic Mother."
Clare "What do you mean."
Insania "It means she can't sense her or are you just that stupid."
Udonna turns around and see's Insania
Insania "It's been a while Udonna. Have you missed me?"
Udonna "Not one bit Insania."
Insania then dashes forward and thrusts her sword into Udonna
Insania "Well I have missed you Udonna."
As Insania pulls her sword out of Udonna she drops to her knees and her hands cover her wound and quickly become covered in blood.
Clare "UDONNA!!!!!"
Clare runs to Udonna
Clare "You will pay for that!"
Insania "I wouldn't try anything small fry. You wouldn't last a second with me."
Udonna's hand grabs Clare's arm and holds her back.
Insania "Well my job is done time to leave." after saying that Insania teleports away.
Udonna "Clare I knew that this day would come sooner or later but now you must gater the mystic rangers and find the one called Teran only he will be able to help you also with my last act I will pass on the power of the white mystic ranger to you." Udonna hands Clare the white mystic mother.
Udonna "You are now the White Mystic Ranger Clare please be careful and find the other rangers fast and tell Nick and Leanbow that I love them dearly." and with that Udonna takes her last breath and dies.
Clare "Yes Udonna I will do that for you."
Clare wipes the tears out of her eyes and shut's Udonna's eyelids and leaves the Root Core.

In Mariner Bay Ryan and Dana are having Dinner with their father Captain Mitchell and they have just finished dinner and walking down by the waterfront when all of a sudden a creature teleports no more then 25 feet away from them.
Ryan "Who are you?"
Scorpus begins walking towards the three as they hold their ground.
Scorpus "I come here to deliver a message."
Dana "And what message is that?"
Just then Scorpus throws his axe at Captain Mitchell striking him dead center on the chest and dropping him to the ground dead on impact.
Scorpus "That Message." Just then Scorpus teleports away.
Dana "FATHER NO!!!"
A large group of people start gathering around them and Ryan gets his cell out and calls 911 and as Dana sits on the ground clutching her father with blood getting on her clothes and when the police get there they talk to Ryan while Dana still stays there crying over her father. Ryan then grabs Dana.
Ryan "Dana we need to leave."
Dana "NO! I'm staying!"
Ryan "Dana Listen I am in just as much shock as you are but we need to contact the others.This was not just random something is going on and we need to figure out what it is exactly."
Dana wipes the tears from her face "Your right plus dad wouldn't want us to just stay here and mourn."
So Ryan and Dana walk off with Dana still crying and Ryan comforting her.

In Blue Bay Harbor at the wind Ninja academy Shane, Dustin and Tori are teaching a class with Sensi and Cam walking around checking in on the classes. Just then Kegalesia, Cobrus and Serpus teleport into the academy.
Kegalesia "So this is the Ninja Academy looks like crap."
Dustin, Tori, Shane, Cam and Sensei walk towards them.
Sensei "Who are you and what do you want?"
Kegalesia "My name is Kegalesia these two are Cobrus and Serpus and I am the First child of Emperor Sorcerer Zertan and Sorceress Desta and we are here for your life Sensei Kanoi."
Cam, Dustin, Tori, and Shane look at Sensei in shock
Cam "Like hell we send you back to where ever you came from."
Kegalesia "I don't think so. You and your friends don't stand a chance against us even if you had your powers."
The four are stunned with what she has just said.
Sensei then walks forward
Sensei Kanoi "If I go with you will you spare everyone here and take me some where else to kill me?"
Kegalesia "Fine."
Sensei "Cam you are now in charge you must contact Blake and Hunter and find a way to stop these people."
Cam "Father no! We can beat them."
Sensei "I'm afraid you would die if you tried fighting them I can feel immense evil power within them please take care of everything. I will be fine you have grown into a great person and I am so very proud of you and don't ever forget that I love you very much and plus I will get too see your mother once again." with that he smiles and walk towards Kegalesia, Cobrus and Serpus. They grab him and teleport away.
Shane, Dustin and Tori look at Cam who is wiping the tears away from his eyes. He then turns to the three.
Cam "We got work to do."
Shane, Dustin and Tori nod in agreement with Cam and walk to Ninja ops.

Meanwhile all this is taking place Teran arrivals on Earth outside of Angel Grove.
Teran "I must hurry Zertan will find me quickly"
Teran slams his staff down hard and recites some words and then all of the sudden the ground begins to shake and building begins to rise out of the ground in the shape of the old ranger command center as soon as it is finished raising he quickly places a spell of protection that keeps anyone other then a ranger from entering and then teleports inside. Where he ends up in a massive Command center and begins to recite some more words and then all of a sudden a tube appears and inside of it Zordon appears and see's Teran.
Zordon "Teran it is good to see you old friend."
Teran "Same here Zordon but we have a problem Zertan is making his move. He has already cast the spell of Evil resurection and has killed Udonna and others who were in charge or friends of Rangers."
Zordon "We must mobilize a counter attack immediately."
Teran "I know Zordon but right now there is only one group of Rangers that will be able to fight all the others have lost their powers."
Zordon "I understand." Just then Zordon notices the case.
Zordon "Teran is that what I think it is?"
Teran " Yes it is Zordon the second green candle. The key to winning this war is here in Angel Grove and soon Zertan will find out about it and come after here. So we must be ready but I must find the right person take possess of this second candle."
Zordon "Understood I will scan for all the people who have been rangers and begin preparing them to come here."
Teran "Good. This is going to be a long and costly war Zordon infact it already has been we  must be prepared for the worst but hope for the best and may the heavens have mercy on our souls should we fail for Armageddon is about to start."
Zordon and Teran look at each other and nod as they stay quiet and prepare for the war that is about to come.