Wild Access!

Cole Evans

Full Name: Cole Evans
Ranger Designation: Red Lion Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Red Lion Fang, Lion Blaster, Falconator
Gear: Growl Phone, Red Savage Cycle, Animarium Armor, Wild Force Rider
Zords: Red Lion, Green Gorilla, Red Falcon

In 1982, Richard and Elizabeth Evans took their infant son Cole with them on an expedition to the Amazon to find evidence of Animaria. They were accompanied by Viktor Adler, a colleague who had feelings for Elizabeth, and was hurt by her marriage to Richard. The trio of scientists found seeds which were the remnants of the original Master Org. Viktor saw this as a way to gain power to get revenge on Richard and Elizabeth. He ate the seeds, and became the new Master Org. As he hunted down the couple, Elizabeth hid Cole in the wilderness. Viktor eventually caught them and killed them. He never did find Cole. Cole was found by a tribe of natives who raised him as their own.

Cole's life in the wilderness has greatly prepared him to be a Ranger. He has amazing agility, sharp senses, and thinks on his feet. When the natives felt Cole was old enough, they gave him a few items they found on him as a baby - a picture of his parents, and the Red Lion orb. With only these two things to go on, Cole left the wilderness for the city of Turtle Cove to find his destiny. Shortly after, he was found by Princess Shayla and the Rangers, and chosen by the Red Lion to be the Red Wild Force Ranger.

Cole has a love for animals and the wilderness. He immediately fell in love with his new home on the Animarium. His connection with nature allows him to communicate with animals, including the Wild Zords. He once tried to appeal to the heart of an Org, only to find with his senses that the Org had none. Cole is a bit inexperienced in the ways of civilized man, but approaches each new challenge with zeal, such as learning to ride his Savage Cycle.

After Master Org was destroyed, Cole's powers were taken away, and he used his talents to help animals.
As the Red Ranger, Cole fights with the ferocity of the Blazing Lion.

Danny Delgado

Full Name: Danny Delgado
Ranger Designation: Black Bison Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Black Bison Axe, Bison Shooter
Gear: Growl Phone, Black Savage Cycle
Zords: Black Bison, Rhino, Armadillo

The biggest and strongest member of the group is also the quietest and gentlest. Before becoming a Ranger, Danny worked at a flower shop, where he pined over a coworker named Kendall. His shyness never let him admit his feelings for her. Danny continues to care for flowers in the Animarium, tending to the temple's gardens. Danny's fear of heights once almost led him to fall off a building, but Max saved him. Since then, the two have been best friends. The outspoken Max frequently does the talking for the reserved Danny.

When Wedding Dress Org was on the loose, Danny went to the flower shop to warn Kendall, and discovered that she had another suitor. The Org did show up at one of Kendall's jobs, and when Danny morphed to fight it, Kendall discovered that he was a Ranger. The two agreed that they could not be together with Danny's life as a super hero.

With Master Org defeated, Danny and Max retired from their lives as Rangers and were able to party around the world on a long vacation. When he becomes the Black Ranger, Danny's own natural strength is enhanced, giving him the power of the Iron Bison.

Max Cooper

Full Name: Max Cooper
Ranger Designation: Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Sword of Pardolis
Gear: Growl Phone, Blue Savage Cycle
Zords: Blue Shark, Giraffe

Before becoming a Ranger, Max was on his way to becoming a professional bowler. He trained with a retired pro bowler named Gus. When Max was called on to become the Blue Ranger, he left behind his dreams of bowling, and left Gus feeling betrayed and abandoned. To defeat Bowling Ball Org, Max needed to learn the tornado spin. He returned to Gus for training, but it took some real convincing to get the disgruntled fromer pro to teach Max the move.

If it's one thing Max hates, it's being the kid of the group. As the youngest Ranger, he feels the need to constantly prove himself to the others, making him very cocky and aggressive. He is always quick with a comeback, bringing a sense of humor to the team. He is also quick thinking, always improvising an attack strategy on the battlefield. Max's impulsive nature often gets him into trouble, but he's always got his best friend Danny by his side.

After the final battle against Master Org, Max and Danny gave up their Ranger powers and took a long vacation around the world. As the Blue Ranger, Max is in tune with the Surging Shark, constantly taking his battles underwater.

Taylor Earheart

Full Name: Taylor Earheart
Ranger Designation: Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Golden Eagle Sword, Soaring Darts, Armadillo Puck
Gear: Growl Phone, Yellow Savage Cycle
Zords: Yellow Eagle, Polar Bear, Black Bear

As a small child, Taylor looked out of airplane window and saw the Animarium. Little did she know that one day she would be one of it's champions. Taylor always had a fascination with planes, and flying in general. This interest led her to become a skilled fighter pilot for the Air Force, earning the rank of Lieutenant. While flying around with her squad one day, Taylor witnessed a magnificent sight - the Yellow Eagle Wild Zord, soaring in the sky beside her. She followed the Eagle to the Animarium, where she crash landed. She eventually found Princess Shayla and the temple, and was asked to become the Yellow Ranger.

Her military training has made Taylor a rigid leader, a bit cold and unfeeling at times. She takes command of situations and focuses on the task at hand. As the leader of Wild Force before Cole, she wrote a Ranger rule book, which Cole quickly dismissed when he joined the team. At first, she resented Cole for taking her spot, but eventually accepted him as a good leade r.

After the final battle with Master Org, Taylor gave up her Ranger powers and returned to the air force, where she was looked up to as a legend by the younger members. She frequently meets her friend the Yellow Eagle in they sky.
Wings attached to her arms allow Taylor to fly like the Soaring Eagle when morphed into the Yellow Ranger.

Alyssa Enrile

Full Name: Alyssa Enrile
Ranger Designation: White Tiger Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, White Tiger Baton, Deer Clutcher
Gear: Growl Phone, White Savage Cycle
Zords: White Tiger, Elephant, Deer

Alyssa is the kind, nurturing member of the group. When any Ranger is injured, she is right there tending to their wounds. Alyssa tries to diffuse any tension between team members. Being a cheerful person by nature, she loves to see her teammates happy and getting along with each other. When Alyssa isn't fighting Orgs, she attends Turtle Cove University. Alyssa was trained in the martial arts by her father, who owned a school. He intended for her to eventually take over running the school, and was heartbroken when Alyssa decided to move to Turtle Cove and attend Turtle Cove University. One day he visited his daughter, and was proud to discover that not only was she a Ranger, but she has excelled in the martial arts he taught her. With all evil orgs defeated, Alyssa was relieved of her life as a Ranger. She finished college and became a kindergarten teacher. As the Wild Force Ranger, Alyssa fights with the guile and agility of the Noble Tiger.

Merrick Baliton

Full Name: Merrick Baliton
Ranger Designation: Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Lunar Cue
Gear: Lunar Caller, Lunar Savage Cycle
Zords: Wolf, Hammerhead Shark, Alligator

3,000 years ago, the land of Animaria waged a war with an evil who rose from the Earth called Orgs. Six Ancient Warriors defended the land from these creatures. Five of them used the powers of the Crystal Sabers, while the sixth, Merrick, was assigned to protect Princess Shayla, who he also had feelings for. To keep some of Animaria's culture safe, it was lifted into the sky by the Ancient Warriors. On this floating island, a slumbering Shayla and five Power Animals were kept safe. The warriors defeated most of the Orgs, but they could not defeat Master Org, who destroyed the Animus Megazord.

With little hope left, Merrick set out to find a legendary wolf mask which was said to give great powers. He found the mask at Nayzor's temple, along with three Animal Crystals. He put the mask on, and summoned the Wolf, Alligator, and Hammerhead Shark Zords to form the Predazord, which was able to destroy Master Org. The victory came with a price. Merrick was unable to remove the mask, which had corrupted him, made him evil. As the evil Zen-Aku, Merrick was out of control, even attacking the Ancient Warriors. The warriors had no choice but to take Zen-Aku down, and imprison him in a tomb.

In present day, the new Master Org wages a new war against the successors of the Ancient Warriors - the Wild Force Rangers. he decided to have Zen-Aku freed in hopes of using him against the Rangers. Zen-Aku awakened, and swore to get vengeance against the Rangers for the evil deeds performed by their predecessors. His memory was hazy, with only a vague recollection of being imprisoned by the Ancient Warriors, none of being human and having been cursed by a mask.

Zen-Aku's overwhelming power and fierce Dark Wild Zords defeated the Rangers in each and every battle. He even managed to steal the Elephant, Giraffe, Black Bear, and Polar Bear Zords from them. With each battle, the Rangers discovered more clues about Zen-Aku's secret, and Zen-Aku regained bits and pieces of his memory, particularly when he was around Princess Shayla. To prevent him from remembering the past, Nayzor implanted a bug into Zen-Aku's head which would further cloud his memory, and strengthen his resolve in destroying the Rangers. By this time, the Rangers had already figured out Zen-Aku's true identity, and sought a way to restore it.

The spirit of the Animus Megazord appeared to Zen-Aku twice, to try and make him remember his past. Animus even created an eclipse to cut off Zen-Aku's power source, and allow the Rangers to reach through to Merrick for a brief period. Neither plan worked, and Zen-Aku returned, still seeking vengeance. Finally, Princess Shayla determined that the power of the curse lay within the Dark Wild Zords. To break the spell over Merrick, the Predazord needed to be defeated in battle. To accomplish this, the Rangers were assisted by new Wild Zords, the Rhino and the Armadillo. With these new Power Animals, they formed the Wild Force Megazord Striker mode, which was able to take down the Predazord, scattering its Animal Crystals. Amidst the chaos lay Merrick, restored back to normal, with a broken wolf mask nearby. The Rangers asked Merrick to join them, but Merrick refused. He was not ready to forgive himself for his evildoings as Zen-Aku, and did not feel worthy to join the team.

Merrick later risked his life by taking on Master Org and the Quadra Org to get back the Animal Crystals he had stolen as Zen-Aku. He was getting beaten badly, until his old Wild Zords finally answered his calls and came back to him. They gave him the Lunar Caller, giving him the ability to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger. With the power of the Howling Wolf behind him, Merrick defeated Quadra Org, and then Nayzor, retrieving the four Animal Crystals in the process, and returning them to the Rangers. Merrick remained a recluse, helping the Rangers when necessary, but unwilling to get close to them, or to pursue the romantic feelings he has for Princess Shayla. Instead of living on the Animarium, Merrick worked at Willy's Road House, where he did chores in exchange for room and board. He knew when the Rangers needed him when the wind would blow, and warn him of danger.

As time went by, Merrick couldn't help but grow closer to the Rangers, and eventually accepted them as friends. After Master Org was defeated, he gave up his Ranger powers and left Turtle Cove to travel the world. He was joined by Zen-Aku, who also sought redemption for his evil deeds.