The Royal Family of Evil

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The most powerful evil sorcerer in the universe. He is the brother of Teran and lives on the planet titan 6 in the horse head nebula. He lives there awaiting the day to conquer the universe. In 2011 he would send his 6 generals to search out the remains of the evil forces spread across the galaxy and at the same time he would use all the evil energy that he has built to restore past villains to their villainous state as well as revive the evil minions that were killed in battle. Him and his family are known to villainy all over the universe and through time. They have become so evil that they are called the The Royal Family of Evil.


Zertans Wife and The Mother of his four Daughters Night, Mare, Kegalesia,  and Insania. She is a powerful magician and deadly warrior who is bent on pure destruction and domination along with her husband Zertan. She takes her place along side Zertan as the heads of his army.

Desta's Warrior Form



Kegalesia Zertan's Second in Command she is Zertan's and Desta's child (First born). She is a fierce warrior who is able to take large amounts of damage and still able to fight. She always gives the rangers troubles when they fight.


Insania Zertans Third in Command. She is Zertans and Desta's Daughter (second born). She is completely insane and whenever she fights she doesn't stop until she has killed her oppenent. She has the ability to change between her human form and her warrior form at will. While in her human form she can always been seen wearing black as if she were attending a funeral.

Insania's Warrior Form


Night and Mare

Zertan's and Desta's younest Daughters (third and Fourth born) and Fourth in command under Zertan and Desta. They have become ruthless killers and will do anything to get the job done. They are borderline psychotic and always together. Their name is also their motto they work in the dark and strike when you don't expect it.



Scorpus  is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6. They have nicknamed the Death Squad.  Scorpus also serves as Zertan's personal guard. His weapon is an axe and shield.


Serpus is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6. They have nicknamed the Death Squad. Serpus also serves as Desta's Personal guard. Her weapon is a whip.


Cobrus  is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6.  They have nicknamed the Death Squad. Cobrus also serves as Kegalesia's personal Guard. His weapon is a bladed staff.


Jagrus  is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6. They have nicknamed the Death Squad. Jagrus also serves as Insania's personal guard. Her weapon is a bladed staff. 


Anupus is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6. They have nicknamed the Death Squad. Anupus Also Serves as Night 's Personal guard. His weapon is a scythe


 Ravus  is one of Zertan's finest warriors and a member of the Warriors of 6. They have nicknamed the Death Squad. Ravus also serves as Mare's personal Guard. Her weapon is a form of naginata.

Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa
 A feared sorceress, Rita attempts to conquer all in sight.
After being released from a dumpster in which Zordon imprisoned her in a final battle, she tried to conquer Earth, with her crew. Rita had no luck however, being defeated by the Rangers time and time again. She was finally turned good by Zordon's energy wave. Later it was revealed she became the empress of all good magic referred to as the Mystic Mother. But She would be reverted back to evil when Zertan would use his Wave of evil to restore the evil that was lost. She would willing join Zertan and his crusade to conqure the universe.


Goldar is Rita's top warrior. He frequently accompanies monsters 
to Angel Grove, and holds his own against the Rangers. His wings were restored by Lord Zedd when he arrived on the moon. Goldar was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. Goldar would be brought back to life when Zertan used his wave of evil.


Scorpina is a ruthless and cunning femme fatale who served on Rita's side since the time of the evil Green Ranger. She used a sword in combat, which doubled as a boomerang. When she grew in size to battle the Zords, she assumed a monstrous appearance. Scorpina's final fate is Unknown. After Goldar was revived by Zertans wave he went searching for his wife Scorpina and would find her on the planet titan 6 taking refuge the two would once again fight together and along with rita and zedd would join Zertan's forces.

Squatt and Baboo

Rita's two bumbling henchmen do their best to help their mistress in her war against the Rangers, but usually end up screwing up. Both were destroyed by Zordon's. Squatt and Baboo would be revived from Zertans wave of Evil and join his forces.


Finster was part magician, part scientist. He created Putties and monsters for Rita, along with the occasional technological device. Finster was very easy going and gentle by nature. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. Finster would be revived in Zertans wave of evil and join his forces.

Lord Zedd

Disgusted at Rita's performance at attempting to conquer Earth, Zedd came to the Moon himself to get rid of Rita and do the job right himself, but would also be unsuccessful. Rita found her way back to the Moon, and placed Zedd under a love spell. The two got married, and continued to fail at world domination. Zedd was finally turned good, along with Rita, by Zordon's energy wave, He also received a human form. But was reverted back to evil from Zertan's wave.

Rito Revolto

Unwelcome by Zedd on the Moon Palace, Rito dropped in unannounced to pay a visit to his sister Rita. A bumbling idiot who couldn't get anything right since he destroyed the Thunderzords and the Rangers' powers, Rito is a constant annoyance to his brother-in-law Zedd, especially by calling him Ed. He brought to Zedd and Rita some Tengas and a Vampirus Monster as a wedding present. Rito was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. Zertans wave would revive Rito and he would join his forces.

Master Vile

Master Vile is one of the universe's great evils. He paid a visit to his
daughter Rita, and brought with him a special food which would enhance the Tengas' powers. He also created Globbor, an energy draining monster who absorbed Ninjor's energy and nearly defeated the Power Rangers. Master Vile also gained possession of the Zeo Crystal, which he lost to the Power Rangers when they raided the location the Zords were being kept after Globbor disabled them. Master Vile was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. Vile was revived by Zertan's wave and would join his forces.


He is the son of Rita Replusa and Lord Zedd. He inherited his father's staff, most of his physical appearance and similar powers. He was also after the Corona Auroa, he was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight in a space dumpster on the moon just like his mother. As the Knight grew weaker, he grew stronger and escaped from the dumpster. Thrax united the four villain groups the Operation Overdrive Rangers have faced to make a temporary alliance. With their help, he managed to
severed the Ranger's link to the Universal Morphing Grid. Thrax was angry at his parents for becoming good and wanting to restore their evil legacy. When the Sentinel Knight restored the power of five veteran Rangers and made them a team,
Thrax sought a mystical sword called Excelsior to destroy the knight. However,
because of his evil nature, Thrax was unable to claim the sword. He left in a
rampage and proved to be a strong fighter overcoming the Defender Vest. Thrax
was finally destroyed by the fully restored Sentinel Knight who was powered by
the Excelsior. The other villains retreated and broke their alliance to continue
their rivalry. It is unknown when exactly Rita bore this son or how old he was. Thrax would be revived by Zertans wave and join his parent's in Zertan's army.

King Mondo

Driving Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd off the moon, Mondo
believed the Earth would be an easy conquest, but was shocked when his army of Cogs was repelled by the Zeo Rangers. Intrigued by the idea of being challenged in a conquest, Mondo decided to take his time trying to conquer Earth, as he had gotten bored of the easy takeovers of other galaxies. However, Mondo soon grew tired of the Rangers, who
repeatedly thwarted his plans. The conquest of Earth was made even more difficult when the Gold Ranger arrived and bolstered the Zeo Rangers' ranks, despite repeated efforts by the Machine King to take the Gold Ranger's powers for himself. Mondo finally tired of fooling around and unearthed the ancient
Sword of Damocles, intending to personally destroy the rangers. He grew giant
and confronted Earth's defenders, but was vanquished by their new Super Zeo
Megazord. Despite this victory for the rangers, Queen Machina
expressed confidence that Mondo would be rebuilt. During this time, the Royal
House of Gadgetry had to deal with potential usurper Louie Kaboom, who tried to
woo Machina but eventually placed her and Prince Sprocket under arrest and ruled
by decree. Mondo's first son Prince Gasket soon arrived with his wife Archerina,
took care of Kaboom, and then took over themselves. King Mondo returned to the throne shortly after, chasing
away the two. He clashed with the rangers in battle with his new monster Cog
Changer. When Rita and Zedd threw down their gauntlet and sent down their own
monster, Mondo asked them for a temporary alliance and merged the two monsters,
but this plan failed. After a failed attempt to steal the Gold Ranger Powers
again, the Royal House of Gadgetry met with Rita and Zedd on the moon to strike
up an alliance. However, they were double crossed as Rita and Zedd's "surrender"
gift was actually a bomb. Mondo and his family were blown to bits but his
destroyed head sweared vengeance. Mysteriously rebuilt once again, King Mondo attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet with his wife and was present when a mysterious red
ranger crashed the party. Months later, he teamed with General Havoc and led the
Machine Empire in invading KO-35 and the Phantom Ranger's homeplanet. When
Zordon's energy wave struck, King Mondo was reduced to a pile of sand, destroyed
forever. He would be rebult by Zertans wave and join his forces.  

Queen Machina

When the Machine Empire drove Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd off the
 moon, Machina indicated that they still needed to capture their two former allies, though they ultimately failed. Machina and Mondo would spend the next few months trying to defeat the Zeo Rangers, but their plans were constantly thwarted. When Mondo decided to unearth the ancient Sword of Damocles and personally face the rangers, Machina expressed concern, fearing the consequences of Mondo's defeat. She and Sprocket watched as Mondo was struck down by the 
 Super Zeo Megazord, but the queen expressed confidence Mondo would be rebuilt. When Louie Kaboom usurped the Machine Empire, he tried to woo her 
to become his empress, in which she outright refused due to her loyalty to
Mondo. As a result, Kaboom threw her and Sprocket in jail. When Prince Gasket
appeared, Machina was delighted to see him and her daughter-in-law, Archerina.
Unlike her husband, she expressed pride in Gasket's efforts to deal with the
Power Rangers, much to Sprocket's displeasure. This didn't seem to mean much in
the long run, however, as she instantly took to her husband's side on his return
and helped chase Gasket and Archerina. Queen Machina, along with the rest of the royal house, was blown
up by Rita and Zedd at the end of the series thanks to a bomb disguised as a
present. This would mark the end of her family's attempts to conquer
Earth. However, she was rebuilt later on, possibly by the Machine Empire's root
organization, the United Alliance of Evil. At Dark Specter's conference she, Divatox, and Astronema pointed out the Red Space Ranger (Andros), who concealed himself in a robe and spied on them. By the end of the
season, after the Machine Empire forces played their part in Dark Specter's
plans by attacking the Phantom Ranger's homeworld, Queen Machina was once more
 destroyed again by Zordon's energy wave, this time for good. She would be rebult by Zertans wave and join his forces.

Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina

  Prince Gasket was the first-built son of King Mondo and Queen Machina, and also the older brother of Prince Sprocket. He fell in love with Archerina, daughter of Mondo's arch nemesis, King Aradon. Knowing their marriage would never be approved of, the two of them eloped. When news of Mondo's death reached him, Gasket returned to take care of his mother, depose of the interloper Louie Kaboom and take his rightful place as the 
Machine King. Gasket notably brainwashed Thomas Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger, into
temporarily thinking that he was the King of the Machine Empire and that the
other Rangers were his enemies. Another time, he trapped the people of Earth in
a time loop, forcing them to relive the same day over and over so that he could
observe the best way to attack them. Unfortunately for Gasket, Tommy knew there
was a time loop thanks to Gasket's earlier tampering with his brain and was able
to use that knowledge to put a stop to the plan. When Mondo was rebuilt and returned, Gasket and Archerina fled temporarily, but then they came back where they grew into giants
but were overwhelmed by the Zeo Ultrazord. But the two survived the blast
(though they shrank back to normal size), and just as they were about to face
Prince Sprocket, King Mondo arrived to confront them. With that, Gasket and
Archerina fled and were never seen again. Whilst some believe Gasket and Archerina's deaths occurred, others contest that they instead were slowly hunted down and dealt with by Andros and the Space Rangers
during their long hunt for General Venjix and his Machine Generals. The apparent
inactivity of the Machine Empire  seems to suggest that
 Gasket and Archerina are deceased. They would be rebult by Zertans wave and join his forces.

Prince Sprocket was the younger son of King Mondo and Queen Machina. He was spoiled by his parents and liked to play, often with the Rangers. He was destroyed by Rita and Zedd's bomb, rebuilt and then destroyed by Zordon's wave. He would be rebult by Zertans wave and join his forces. 

Klank and Orbus

Mondo's two henchbots go down to Earth to supervise many of the Machine Empire's attacks. Upon the defeat of a monster, Klank will hurl Orbus at it, energizing it and making it grow. He was killed by Zordons wave.  They would be rebult by Zertans wave and join his forces.  


This barbaric lady pirate came to Earth to free her fiance Maligore, but her plans were ruined by the Turbo Rangers. She remained on Earth, travelling in her submarine, with a mission of vengeance towards the Power Rangers. Divatox was turned good by Zordon's energy wave


Elsa is a servant of Mesogog and believes in his dream to see the world
reverted to a primordial state under the control of the dinosaurs.
Elsa is loyal and will do anything to please her master. She loves to insult and torment her enemies, including Zeltrax, and seemed to be romantically interested in Tommy.
Elsa is capable of projecting powerful streams of energy from her sword and possesses incredible martial arts techniques. 

She pretended to be Principal Randall, the head of the high school in Reefside, California where the Dino Thunder Power Rangers go to school (or, in the case of Tommy Oliver, work).
Mesogog put her there to spy on the rangers without fear of getting caught, but
she had fun while she was there by making the high school experience as
miserable as possible for the students. Principal Randall is a little suspicious
of why Dr. Oliver is working as a science teacher at Reefside. She enjoys
prowling the grounds and looking for students to send to detention. Meanwhile,
she tries to use her secret identity to complete her true mission for Mesogog. 

Despite the fact that Kira mentioned that Elsa looked
"familiar," when the entire school watched Randell and Tommy fighting that Ethan (being the brains of the ranger team) concluded that she was Elsa. The other rangers pitied themselves for not
noticing it until Ethan cheered them up by comparing Elsa to Superman.
She gave the Rangers a hard time on their first day of classes.
She tried to get close to Dr. Oliver, in order to find a way to defeat him
for Mesogog. She tried to trick the Rangers with a false Dino Egg and unleashed
the DimetroZord on the city. The Rangers were able to reprogram the Zord to
their side. Elsa gave herself a new look with longer hair. When Zeltrax left Mesogog's forces, Elsa became his main general. She continued to come up with evil plans to take down the Rangers. Mesogog began to
grow weary of her constant failures. When Elsa had taken a card of a powerful monster named "Ruby Dragon" from
Ethan James (Blue Ranger), she was exposed as the evil servant to Tommy, and to
the entire school while fighting him outside of school. Mesogog then decided to sacrifice the evil powers which he had granted to Elsa in order to help power his trans-mutation cannon. With that, she was
reverted to a normal human form, with no memory of who she was as Elsa by the
life-force extractor. The loss of her powers also meant she was good again, and
there are hints of a romance between her and Anton Mercer, though it is unknown
whether this will amount to anything.


When Anton Mercer is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, he accidently transforms himself into Mesogog. Mesogog wants to bring the planet back to the glorious era of the dinosaurs, and he will do anything to achieve his goal, and will not let anyone stand in his way. Not even his alter ego, Anton Mercer is able to stop him. Mesogog is finally able to discard himself of Mercer by seperating the new. Once Mesogog gets his hands on the Dino Gems, he absorbs some of their power allowing him to evolve. He is destroyed when the Rangers combine their Dino Powers to stop him. He is revived by zertans wave and joins his forces.


Zeltrax is a cyborg created by Mesogog, and had vowed alliegence to him. He was formerly known as Terrance Smith, but when he got turned down for a job given to Tommy, he becomes determined to win Anton Mercer's approval. In his anticipation, he is badly injured during an experiement, when there's an explosion. Mesogog finds and rebuilds him as Zeltrax.
After pledging an alliance to his master, he Zeltrax was destroyed by Dr.
 Oliver. Fortunately for him, he was able to survive with the help of the Tree of  Life, which gave him the ability to transform into an advanced form. Since Zeltrax refuses to stop his efforts for ultimate revenge, the Power Rangers are forced to destroy him. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces. 


This treacherous bounty hunter assisted Astronema in battling the Rangers, but only to serve his own agenda. Andros discovered that it was Darkonda who kidnapped his sister from KO-35 years ago. Darkonda died after attacking Dark Specter, who killed him just before going down himself. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


Ecliptor is Astronema's ruthless and powerful warrior. His expert swordfighting skill and tremendous firepower make him one of the Rangers most dangerous villains. He helped the Rangers when Astronema joined their side, but was turned evil again by Dark Specter, only to be destroyed by Zordon's energy. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


Deviot is a power hungry traitor, who serves only his own needs. He offered his services as Scorpius' general, but used the position to set up Scorpius' death and try to take the power of his cocoon. When Trakeena returned, he served under her, and unsuccessfully tried to get her killed. Deviot gained a new form when he harnessed the power of the Galaxy book, but was defeated by the Rangers. He was later absorbed by Trakeena when the two entered the coccoon, but his evil influence was apparent in this new entity. He would be brought back to life from Zertans wave and join his forces.


Princess Trakeena is Scorpius' malicious and scheming daughter. She loyally serves her father, but would step on any ally to make herself look better. She fled her father's side when he tried to force her into a cocoon. She instead opted for training, and commanded the Scorpion Stinger in the pursuit of vengeance against the Red Ranger. She ended up using the coccoon to merge with Deviot, and later to turn into a monster, and was seemingly destroyed in battle against Red Ranger.

 Trakeena resurfaced much later, her face scarred by the battle, and sought to take out her vengeance by destroying Earth. She captured humans and drained their life force, but her plan was ultimately sabotaged by Olympius, turning her into an enormous, gruesome monster, which was destroyed by the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers. She would be revived from zertans wave and join his forces.


Queen Bansheera was off in unknown parts when Diabolico and the demons were released and returned to destroy Mariner Bay. A short while later, she returned as an energy being, and eventually returned to her solid state. She advises the newly matured Olympius in his attacks on the Power Rangers.

 Queen Bansheera was so obssessed with defeating the Rangers that she betrayed her own followers. She absorbed Vypra to regain her full bodily form, abandoned Olympius in the shadow world, and set up Loki to be destroyed while battling the Rangers. She was finally vanquished when the Rangers threw her back into the tomb, trapping her in the shadow world. She would be brought back by zertans wave and join his forces.


Diabolico was one of four demons released from an underground tomb. In his Queen's absence, Diabolico took command of the evil forces. His plan is to destroy Mariner Bay and restore what he believes to rightfully his - the palace Mariner Bay was built on. Diabolico's time ran out, and he was unable to destroy Mariner Bay before the Queen's arrival. Out of desperation, he battled the Rangers himself, and was destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord.

 After being betrayed by Olympius, Vypra and Loki resurrected Diabolico. He rejoined the team, plotting to overthrow Olympius and regain his star power. Diabolico turned on the Queen when she killed his friend Loki, and was killed himself when Olympius took control of his mind to battle the Rangers. Diabolico returned one last time as a spirit to pull Queen Bansheera into the demon shadow world. He would be brought back by zertans wave and join his forces.


Loki is the most passionate in the crusade to restore his former city by tearing down what man has built. This brawny demon will stop at nothing to assist Diabolico in his mission. Loki was destroyed by Bansheera, who mind controlled Diabolico into blasting him to destroy the Rangers. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


After Dialbolico was destroyed, his star power was given to Impus, which made him grow into an adult. As Olympius, he took over command of the demons, and continued the crusade to destroy Mariner Bay. He was destroyed by the Rangers' Lifeforce Megazord. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


This villainous vixen played the role of mother figure to young Impus with Queen Bansheera missing. The second of the demons released from the tomb. Vypra battles the Rangers in her high speed dune buggy, the Vyprari. Vypra was killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her energy to gain a bodily form. 
 She was later mysteriously resurrected, and plotted to rise a super-demon which would destroy the Rangers. Her mission took her to Silver Hills, where she faced the Time Force Rangers, as well as the reunited Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who joined forces to destroy her. She would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


Imperious takes over after Morticon is destroyed. He was once known as Calindor who betrayed the Mystics in the great battle. After a battle with Daggeron, he found himself cursed until Necrolai found him in a cave years later. He dared Koragg to give up his magical powers temporarily to prove his worthiness in battle. He challanged Daggeron to a duel, even though he did cheat by teleporting Jenji in his hand when Daggeron was going to send his final blow, he was still destroyed. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


Mortion is the dark leader of the undead. He is a creature that is part machine, which is powered by moving gears. He is so powerful that it makes it difficult for him to summon his power to the surface world. He uses a mystical portal that allows him to keep an eye on things and communicate with the master. He was ultimately destroyed by the Power Rangers. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


Benglo and Mig, the two Fearcats are alien beasts who troubled Tyzonn and were part of an incident in which he lost his teammates. They arrive on Earth to search for the Corona Aurora to free the rest of the Fear Cats. Zertan would summon them to Titan 6 where they would join his forces.


An ancient ninja that was imprisoned inside a necklace that came in the possession of Miratrix. Even though he was trapped inside, he could release monsters to fight the Rangers. Miratrix sought out a device to release him from his crystal prison. Will helped Miratrix steal the device and they ultimately released Kamdor. When Miratrix was knocked flying by the Fearcats, he sounded genuinely concerned. However, he still didn't view her as an equal and left her out of the details of some of his plans by organizing an alliance with Flurious without her, and sending her against the Rangers while he searched for the jewel, without telling her. Hetold Miratrix he was tired of her failures and stated she was only an underling and he'd been a fool to believe she could be more.
 He angrily beaten the Mecury Ranger into unconsciousness. He then made his final move in waiting for the Rangers to do the hard work and successfully stole the Golden Plate that led to the fifth jewel. Call forth a meteor to Earth with the third jewel as a diversionary tactic, and Will faced Kamdor in a solo duel while the other Rangers handled the meteor crisis. Kamdor switched to his Duel Mode, revealing his true face to Will. Kamdor also imprisoned Miratrix in the jewel that had once held him. Kamdor was eventually destroyed by the Black Ranger, and the Plate was retrieved. He would be revived by Zertans wave and join his forces.


When Dax first met her, she looked like an ordinary monster-victim and she said her name was Mira. He soon became enamored with her and they saw each other quite often. Dax did not want to believe his friends that she would betray him until he noticed a monster appeared every time she was there and she mentioned they were looking for the Corona Aurora which he never told her. Miratrix soon showed her true colors, she had a necklace that contained Kamdor and much like she played with Dax's emotions, she was seduced by Will.
 She served Kamdor loyally. Although it didn't last when she was order to fight the Rangers while he searched for the fourth jewel; feeling as if Kamdor was not forthcoming with all of his plans. She considered herself an equal in their partnership, whereas Kamdor actually treated her as a subordinate. After an unsuccessful attempt at reclaiming the Octavian Chalice from the Rangers, Kamdor made Miratrix see where she fit in the schemes of things. In retaliation, Miratrix interrupted the ceremony the Rangers were holding involving the Chalice, attempting to gain its power. She was transformed into a giant owl-like monster due to its energy, and in this form had enough power to take down the BattleFleet Megazord. Ronny and Tyzonn managed to break her connection to the Chalice. After reverting back to a human form, Kamdor revealed he had been using her to do just what she had done, and imprisoned her in the jewel he had originally been sealed in. The location of the jewel holding her is unknown. Zertan would release her from the jewel and she would join his forces.


Tenaya 7 is a fierce general initiated by Venjix to resemble the most horrifying thing imaginable for him, a human. She first infiltrates the team as a potential candidate for the Green Ranger, but is eventually discovered. She has a habit of whistling "The Farmer in the Dell," which just so happens to be the hidden tune in Dillon's locket, when two keys are placed inside. When this is discovered, Dillon informed Tenaya that she was not a robot but a hybrid and his once blind sister. Once she bled and saw footage in databanks confirming this, Tenaya helped the Rangers defeat General Shifter's Hyperbot and in a way, helped initiate the formation of the Ultrazord. In addition to having robotic eyes letting her to see, she has a detachable robotic hand that can be replaced by a weapon. Tenaya was kidnapped by Kilobyte and reprogrammed into Tenaya 15, who has no independent thought. She cured by Dr. K's antidote that was injected into her by her brother. She infiltrated Venjix's main computer with a new virus and defeated Venjix. Dillon rescued her from Crunch and in the end, she left with Dillon and Summer to travel the world even though her blindness might return. She would be reverted back to evil by zertans wave and join his forces.


Venjix started out as a computer virus created by Dr. K that infiltrated all the world's power and took over. Venjix can create endless armies of robotic soldiers and he appears to his generals in the form of a red light bulb. He later downloads himself into a generation 14 attackbot that Shifter designed. He pilots a special green drone and can make new robots of the same model to download himself into. Venjix made a newer and more powerful model, but he wasn't fully downloaded into it because he was in a rush and was defeated. He decided not to use the model again. He used a new model later on, using old parts of Shifter. He activated many Hybrids within Corinth and took over the control tower. He then destroyed the lab and took the biofield information, being able to delete Gem and Gemma. Dr. K and a newly restored Tenaya were able to tap a virus into Venjix's main computer and override his ability to delete Rangers. Venjix was physically destroyed with the control tower falling on him. In the finale, it was alluded to that a part of the Venjix virus was still inside the RPM Morphers, that were locked away in a case by Dr. K. Venjix would be released by Zertan and given a form by him as well and in return Venjix would join Zertans forces.

Emperor Gruumm

Emperor Gruumm is the leader of the Troobians, a planet-conquering alien force. He is evil, and destroys everything in his path. He destroyed Sirius, the home planet of Anubis, and now his next target is Earth. Gruumm seeks to get revenge against Anubis as well as conquer the Earth. However, it turns out that he is answering to a higher power that he refers to as the Magnificence. He would be contained by Cruger and jailed at the SPD Center. Zertans would attack the SPD command and release Gruumm who would join his forces.


Morgana is a servant of Emperor Gruumm. Gruumm found Morgana and turned her into Mora. She initially appeared as Mora, a 10-year-old girl who is pure evil and is a gifted pictomancer, being able to create real monsters from her drawings. Mora enjoyed playing with dolls. She has multiple contacts in the criminal underworld such as General Valko and Shorty.Cruger confronted Mora on Gruumm's ship. She threw as many monsters as she could at him, but he destroyed them all. Eventually, she ran out of paper to draw monsters on and Cruger captured her. Zertan would also release Mora along with Gruumm and she would join his forces.


Dayu is one of Master Xandred's two followers, a female who plays a shamisen. Dayu seems to be a bit of a downer. She also seems to be a bit arrogant as attacking her ally for simply talking arrogant. When the latter replied: "Better watch what you say. If it wasn't for Master Xandred where would you be?" She then threw a kunai at him, and called say that he had no right to talk to her, and called the latter a big-fisted no-brained nitwit. It looked like the battle would continue if Master Xandred hadn't intervened. She is apparently smart enough to contemplate a plan to assist in flooding the earth, while at the same time making something of personal value. She would follow Master Xandred and join Zertans forces.

Master Xandred

The evil Master Xandred leads monsters known as Nighloks from his junk on the Sanzu River. He seeks to cause the river to flood with the tears of humans, using the Nighloks to make them cry, allowing him to enter the world of the living and take it over. He is armed with a broadsword. Upon hearing that Zertan was forming an army he would promptly join them.

General Havoc

Havoc is Divatox's brother, and brought with him the Space Base and the Metallosaurus to help her conquer Earth. He also captured the Turbo Megazord, and used it against the Rangers, powered by the Phantom Ranger's ruby. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


Jindrax faithfully serves his master as the Duke of Orgs. He can usually be found at the forefront of battle, and his mastery of blades makes him a match for any Ranger. After his best friend Toxica was killed by Mandilok, Jindrax abandoned the Orgs and left to fend for himself. He was able to resurrect Toxica, and the two defied their old boss by rescuing Princess Shayla. Jindrax and Toxica left on good terms with the Rangers, and currently travel the world in search of their place. He would be restored back to evil from zertans wave and join his forces.


The mistress of magic and Dutchess of Orgs is a valuable asset to her team. Her sorcery can resurrect recently fallen Orgs, and make them grow into giants. Toxica was tricked by Onikage into cutting off her horn to kidnap Shayla, and then disposed of by Mandilok. Jindrax brought her back to life using her horn. Betrayed by her own kind, Toxica rebelled against Orgs and helped the Rangers. She now roams the world with Jindrax. She would be reverted back to evil by zertans wave and join his forces.

Master Org

20 years ago, three good friends and scientists, Richard, Elizabeth, and Viktor, worked together to prove the existance of Animaria. Viktor fell in love with Elizabeth, but was shattered when he discovered that she became engaged to Richard. The three continued working together, with Viktor's hatred for Richard growing as he took the spotlight on the Animaria project, and had a baby with Elizabeth. The team journeyed to the Amazon in search of evidence that Animaria once existed. They did find some suspicious looking seeds which were the remnants of Master Org. Viktor grabbed the seeds and told the others he would destroy them. Instead, he ate them later that night and was infused with the power of Master Org. He chased Richard and Elizabeth and killed them. He never did find their baby, Cole. Elizabeth had hidden him in the jungle, where he was found by a tribe. Viktor Adler eventually assumed the identity of Master Org, and continued his mission of wiping out humanity and taking over Earth by recruiting newly arisen Org spirits to battle the Rangers. Master Org carries a staff with which he can fire energy blasts and perform magic spells. He can also project vines to entrap victims with. He runs his operation from the Nexus, assisted by Duke and General Orgs. He wore a helmet which had a fake horn attached to it, and housed a mechanical third eye.

In an effort to lure Cole and the others to him, Master Org revealed himself as Viktor Adler. He was taken to a hospital, and sure enough, Cole and the Rangers paid a visit. He ambushed the team, trapping them in vines and taking them to an abandoned lab. Viktor told Cole all about the history between him and his parents, just before the two battled it out. Cole emerged victorious, leaving Viktor defeated and powerless. As Viktor dragged himself through the desert, he came across Jindrax, Toxica, and their new leader Mandilok. Mandilok threw Viktor off a cliff, and left him for dead. However, Viktor survived, and awoke with a real Org horn on his head.

 Master Org sent the Duke Org Onikage to set the stage for his return. When all was in place, he reappeared stronger than ever, and destroyed Mandilok. He then had Princess Shayla kidnapped, and began a ritual which would create an Org heart. Master Org consumed the heart, giving him a powerful new form. He destroyed all the Wild Zords, caused the Animarium to fall, and ravaged the city of Turtle Cove. He was destroyed when the Wild Zords came back to life, and brought with them several other Wild Zords who all combined their power to blast him with an Ultra Roar. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


He and his brother were heavy rivals and sought after the Corona Aurora. When they touched it, they were transformed and sent to element-inspired planets. Flurious seeks the Corona Aurora at any cost, even betraying his brother. He believes he can overpower his brother and doesn't think much of him. He picks on creatures he believes are weaker than him like Norg. Flurious got hold of the third jewel, the blue sapphire and used it to destroy Moltor's lair. He lured his brother into his own lair, froze him and then shattered him, taking the Corona Aurora with him. With them, he was able to locate the Hartford manor. He completed the crown and it gave him a new form. He plotted to bring a new ice age to the planet. During his fight with the rangers, Flurious grows to gigantic size and damaged the Rangers's zords with a single blast. Boasting that no human can stop him, Mack decides to face him alone. Mack defeats Flurious and separates him from the crown. Before Flurious can put the crown back on, Mack picks him up and destroys the android for good. Flurious would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


He went after the Corona Aurora and became this form like his brother Flurious. He unlike his brother, enjoys the heat and inhabits hot areas such as lava pits. He wields a sword. He sometimes is outsmarted by his brother Flurious and is insulted when betrayed by him. He wants nothing but to get the Aurora Corona and outdo his brother. Sometimes he works with Flurious but mostly on his own, unless Flurious tries to sabotage his plans.
 With his volcano lair falling apart due to Flurious's jewel, Moltor decided to lead his Lava Lizards in an all out attack on the Rangers to gain the remaining jewels. Mack arrived to get the crown from Moltor and the battle ended when the other rangers retrieved Mack. Barely surviving the battle and the destruction of his lair, Moltor came to Flurious's den with Tyzonn's fiance, Vella, and the crown. In his weakened state, Flurious was easily able to freeze him solid and smashing him to bits and take the crown. Zertans wave would revive Moltor and he would join Zertans forces.

Dai shi

A evil known as Dai Shi believed that animals should rule the planet, and humans were to be erased. Over 10,000 years ago, brave warriors channeled their Animal Spirits, and after the Beast War, they were able to imprison Dai Shi. The Pai Zhuq was formed to serve as protectors of him. Presently, Dai Shi accidently escaped and returned to his palace where he began to command his assisstant Camille and his army of the undead. Dai Shi lives off fear and the more humanity grows scared, he becomes stronger. With the help of the Five Fingers of Poison, people's fear increased and he was able to morph into an armored Lion form using Jarrod's Lion spirit. Dai Shi doesn't care if Camille gets destroyed just as long as he made progress in her mission. He sees everyone of his warriors as just a tool he can use to succeed in his mission and they don't mean anything to him. Living as a human, he believe he knew how to defeat the Rangers. He retained Jarrod's memories and they were one, but eventually Dai Shi started to loose control of Jarrod. Casey fought Dai Shi and he was forced out of Jarrod. Dai Shi opened a portal to the Spirit World and revived selected fallen warriors. All seven masters of the Rangers united and donned animal forms, which Dai Shi took to become his ultimate Dragon form. He was weakened by Jarrod and finally destroyed by the three guardians. He would be revived by Zertan and join his forces as well.


Lothor was once Kiya, a student at the Wind Ninja Academy. He was discovered using dark ninja magic by his twin brother, Kanoi, and defeated in battle by Cam, who had travelled to the past to retrieve a power source. Kiya denounced the ways of the academy, and took on a new name - Lothor, just before being banished into space by the Sensei.

After amassing enough forces and gaining enough power, he returned to exact vengeance on the planet which had shunned him. He began by destroying the Wind Ninja Academy and battling the Wind Rangers.

 After discovering the location of the Abyss of Evil, Lothor captured all of the Ranger powers, becoming nearly unstoppable. Using their inner ninja powers, the Wind Rangers managed to defeat Lothor and knocked him into the abyss. When Lothor escapes from the Abyss of Evil, he uses his own Power Discs to put Shane, Tori, and Dustin under his spell. Unfortunately his plan fails, and he forms an alliance with Mesogog in order to defeat the Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder Rangers. When Lothor fails to deliver on destroying the Power Rangers, Mesogog finally takes him down for good. Mesogog imprisons him in a jar with his mental powers. He is killed when Mesogogs lab is destroyed but is brought back by Zertans wave and joins his forces.


General of Lothor's forces. Zurgane is extremely serious and dedicated to taking over Earth, moreso than Lothor himself. Zurgane is constantly frustrated by the lack of seriousness on the part of those who work around him. When Vexacus joined Lothor's army, he destroyed Zurgane. Zurgane guards the Samurai Amulet in the Abyss of Evil until Cam, Hunter, and Blake get a hold of it. He leads the troops out to the Abyss of Evil for Mesogog and Lothor. Mesogog comments on what a good general he is. Zurgane is destroyed again by the Thunder Rangers and the Black Ranger.


This space bounty hunter came to Earth in search of a powerful alien. He was defeated by Shane and his Battlizer Armor. Vexacus joined Lothor's crew afterwards, and now serves as one of his generals. After being double crossed by Marah and Kapri, Vexacus was destroyed by the Rangers. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


Frax is to Ransik what Circuit is to the Rangers. He creates weapons and devices for the team, and even built the machine which took them back in time. On the surface, Frax seems to be a loyal robot who exists only to serve Ransik. What they don't realize is that Frax has his own agenda, and constantly devises his own schemes behind Ransik's back. He has his own private army of mutants, thanks to his discovery of the infamous X-Vault - prison to the most vile criminals. He despises both humans and mutants, and plans on one day having robots rule the world.

 Frax was not always a robot though. He was once an upstanding human know as Dr. Fericks. He showed an ailing Ransik kindness, only to be betrayed. Ransik burned down his lab, and left him for dead, but Fericks survived, and transformed his body into a robotic one, becoming Frax. The once kind doctor now only knew how to hate. He joined Ransik's forces, plotting to take him down one day like he did to him. Ransik eventually discovered who Frax was, and had him hunted down and turned into a mindless robot, which piloted Doomtron to its own destruction. He would be revived by zertans wave and join his forces.


Octoroo is one of Master Xandred's two followers, an eldery cephalopod-headed figure with a staff.


Furio could not pull the Quasar Sabers out of the stone for his master, and would stop at nothing to get back at those who snatched them out from right under him. While searching for the Lights of Orion in a cave, he was confronted by Leo, and self-destructed to try and take out the Red Ranger once and for all.


Treacheron is Magna Defender's arch rival, and one of Scorpius' generals. He defeated him and threw him into a chasm 3,000 years ago. Treacheron fights with the sword, and honor, of a samurai. He was destroyed in battle to the death against Leo, in an attempt to regain his honor after being framed as a traitor.


Trakeena met Villamax at the Onyx Tavern, when he saved her from being attacked by a few patrons. He then trained her to become a powerful and skilled warrior, worthy of being her father's successor. Villamax is an honorable warrior who keeps his word, and loyally serves and protects his princess. When Trakeena absorbed Deviot, she was changed, and Villamax was destroyed when he defied her.

General Crunch

A goofy and dense robot general that hangs out in headquarters with General Shifter. When Venjix took over Corinth with the Hybrids activated, Tenaya was cured and went to put a virus into Venjix's main computer in the tower. Crunch called Tenaya a traitor and fought her. Gem and Gemma shot the tower so it was falling down. Dillon came in time to fight Crunch and rescue Tenaya, using the escape parachute. Crunch remained in the tower as it fell on Venjix, completely destroying the two.

General Shifter

A golden robot that speaks with a British accent, he follows Venjix faithfully and is gruff. When tattling on Tenaya, she swears vengeance. He creates the Hyperbot in order for Venjix to download into it. But Tenaya fiddled with it and the Hyperbot attacked Venjix. For this reason, Venjix banished Shifter. Shifter sent Hyperbot to attack the Rangers and turn the PaleoMax Megazord against them. He fought Scott and put a key inside him in order to control him. When the Hyperbot was defeated, Shifter used the key that was left to power himself up. After being thwarted in his plot to control Scott, Shifter makes himself giant but is defeated by the Ultrazord and finally destroyed by Scott. His spare parts were used to make a new powerful body for Venjix.


Kilobyte is Venjix's most fearsome creation, he had been walking through the wasteland to get to Venjix's base. He knew the secret about Tenaya and constantly was a torn in her side. He is much more intelligent and cunning than even General Shifter. When Shifter was vanished and Tenaya deflected, he was assigned leading general. He kidnapped Tenaya personally and reprogrammed her into the obeying Tenaya 15. Kilobyte fought the Rangers personally and grew to enormous height, but was defeated by the RPM Ultrazord. Venjix was disappointed at Kilobyte by that point, Kilobyte fought his attention by activating Hicks as a hybrid, but it just angered Venjix more. Kilobyte tried deleting Tenaya but he was destroyed by the Road Blaster, not before knocking Dillon into a coma.

Captain Mutiny

Captain Mutiny leads a band of pirates in the lost galaxy. They capture any ships that happen to wander in, and enslave all on board. He tricked Commander Stanton into allowing a Grunchor monster into the station. Mutiny was destroyed by Trakeena when he escaped the lost galaxy to conquer normal space.


This barbaric, axe weilding menace is Captain Mutiny's right hand man. He spotted the Rangers as they spied on Mutiny's operations, and sent a monster and a team of Swabbies after them. Barbarax was killed when Mutiny's castle was destroyed by Trakeena.


Captain Mutiny brought sorceress Hexuba into his crew, so she could use her magic to destroy the Rangers. Her first spell, a dream spell, didn't work, and her second, which brought back past monsters, also failed. As a last resort, she went down herself, but was destroyed by the Rangers.


Divatox reluctantly brings her nephew along, a half-wit who survived being  thrown into Maligore's fire. Elgar has fouled up some of Divatox's plans, and is  a constant source of annoyance. Elgar later left his aunt's team to work for princess of evil Astronema. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.