I thought that I would start a blog here on the site kinda updating and chronicling my story and idea making. I guess one of the first things that I want to talk about are the new characters. I know it might seem weird making a characters after myself and 3 more of my friends but for me it makes sense because of the simple fact that it will be a lot easier to write these characters because i know them so well as well as making character from myself because being a fan of the power rangers since the first episode who didn't want to be their favorite ranger ,for me its the green Ranger, but i said screw thats how i want it to work out in the story. Also I am fighting with myself on whether or not I want to include Trini as a character. I mean she will forever be the best yellow ranger ever but should i pass the torch to another character and do it in a respectable fashion or keep her in the story. I also plan on this story being a little darker then the normal power ranger fic so hopefully you guys wont mind. Anyways thats my rant for today so I guess i will see you guys around the site hopefully.

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